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  • My 2019 Planner

    You know how it feels when you don’t do things or follow your dreams only because of self doubt? Ever decided to be an artist or a fashion blogger? Ever saved apparel in your wish list so that you can create outfits from them and post them online? Well I have done and felt it […]

  • My 2019 Goals

    Every year I set 10 – 15 small goals that I know I can achieve and without realising I actually achieve them. But…. Even after achieving them I feel shitty and I forget that I achieved something until I sit down with my planner and reflect back. This year I have decided not to set […]

  • Word of the year 2019 (Blog)

    This year after a lot of struggle I mustered courage to start blogging again. The word of the year for my blog in 2019 is going to be CONSISTENCY. Because Consistency is the only thing needed to do what you love. Motivation, inspiration and creativity comes after that I feel. Even in a bad phase […]

  • Some goodbyes are happy

    As I start this personal journey of self healing and collecting the pieces. I want to take a moment to Thank all the experiences that happened in my life. In just 1 month and 3 days I turn 25 and without all the experiences I would not have grown as a girl, daughter, sister, woman, […]

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