Hi! I am Miss Harshala!

Firstly I want to take a moment to THANK YOU for stopping by on my little world on the internet.

I am a 24-year-old full-time single mommy. I work as a Blogger & Blog Mentor in the day and I am a Netflix addict by the night. I did my Bachelor of Arts in Film, Television & New Media Production from the University of Mumbai. I am currently helping my daughter with her homeschooling journey.

I have worked as a freelance Fashion Stylist in the Indian Film Industry for 7 years before I gave it up completely to pursue blogging as a career. I started my first blog Chicnomics in December 2013 and since then have been blogging on and off until A Week In Life happened. After hiding myself for years I am finally out as a Blessed Single Mommy and life has never been so good.

My Story

I was born and brought up in India in the city of dreams MUMBAI. Throughout childhood I witnessed patriarchy, sexual abuse and poor education system. That left me with a lot of anxiety and depression for a long period of time. 

At 16 I fell in love for the first time and then began a story but… next few years were filled with self doubt, pain and depression. All that was left in that relationship was an unfaithful boy and a forgiving girl. The saga ended when I decided to end the abusive relationship but.. At 19 I found myself pregnant. With a lot of support and help of my mother I decided to go ahead and walk on the path of single motherhood. 

I collected the pieces of what was left and gave birth to my daughter at the age of 20. I realised what true love is and found my happily ever after. I was a blogger & in the first year of my graduation course in Film Making. The next 3 years were spent juggling between college, daycare, business, doctors and hospitals (my daughter had allergic bronchitis and  asthma). 

As a woman from a developing country, I decided to homeschool my daughter because the education system in India has become more of a money making business and less of a learning opportunity for children.

After my graduation I started working as a Marketing & Community Manager for a parenting app and quit after 6 months because my daughter was down with typhoid and mommy guilt caught me.

Through all this, my body & mind came under a lot of pressure and since past 8 years I am suffering from PCOD. During a stressful moment my body stops menstruating for 3 months only to bleed for more 45 days continously. Doctors call it Menometrorrhagia.

As a blogger I have acheived quite a lot to be proud of but everytime I try to share my story of single motherhood people attack me. My accounts were hacked and deleted twice to shut me up. Everytime I get up collect the pieces and move on with life. You can check out my other blog A WEEK IN LIFE HERE.

This blog is my chance to RESTART my life. Document every real struggle or progress I make and collect the pieces. Life will not be perfect, but it will be worth every chance it has to offer me .

I am now learning new things and equipping myself to be a life coach while juggling with a fournado, home, family and business. I want to be the person I needed when I was younger.

I firmly believe that –

“Never be ashamed of your story. It might help someone to get up and collect the pieces to start over” – Miss Harshala