Hey There!

I am glad to share my fascinating list of things that I want to do. This is not a bucket list. It is a to-do list which was lying in my drafts for months. Finally, I gathered the courage to publish it and put this page in the public eyes.

This list will be constantly evolving, as and when I come across something that sets my soul on fire. If you happen to be inspired by this list make sure to share the link with me in the comments below so that we all can get inspired by one another.

Last Updated – 26th January 2019


Get Ira’s birth certificate

Take mom & dad on Indian Trip

Take mom & dad on International Trip


Travel solo with Ira

Travel Solo

Travel to Andhra Pradesh

Travel to Arunachal Pradesh

Travel to Assam

Travel to Bihar

Travel to Chattisgarh

Travel to Goa

Travel to Gujarat

Travel to Haryana

Travel to Himachal Pradesh

Travel to Jammu

Travel to Kashmir

Travel to Jharkhand

Travel to Karnataka

Travel to Kerala

Travel to Madhya Pradesh

Travel to Maharashtra

Travel to Manipur

Travel to Meghalaya

Travel to Mizoram

Travel to Nagaland

Travel to Orissa

Travel to Punjab

Travel to Rajasthan

Travel to Sikkim

Travel to Tamil Nadu

Travel to Telangana

Travel to Tripura

Travel to Uttar Pradesh

Travel to Uttarakhand

Travel to West Bengal

Travel to Lakshadweep

Travel to Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Travel to Pondicherry

Travel to Delhi

Travel to Daman and Dui

Travel to Chandigarh

Travel to Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Go on a road trip with Ira

Get a Passport


Cook a successful 5-course meal

Make cooking videos on Youtube

Learn to make authentic Maharashtrian Agri-Food


Graduate from college

Learn Photoshop

Learn Illustrator

Learn Final Cut Pro

Learn Baking

Learn Kathak

Learn the Piano


Walk 10k steps for 90 days in a row

Come back to ideal weight – 47kgs

Eat only homecooked meals for 30 days


Sleep at 9 PM daily

Practice Reiki more often

Meditate 3 thrice a week


Start a PVT LTD company

Launch the Online Store


Start a Blog

Get 1000 page views in a month

Earn ₹ 1000 through blogging

Get 1000 page views in a week

Get 1000 page views on a day

Get 5000 page views in a month

Earn ₹ 5000 through blogging

Get 10,000 page views in a month

Earn ₹ 10,000 through blogging

Get 25,000 page views in a month

Earn ₹ 25,000 through blogging

Get 50,000 page views in a month

Earn ₹ 50,000 through blogging

Get 1,00,000 page views in a month

Earn ₹ 1,00,000 through blogging

Help 10 people with the blog set up

Help 25 people with the blog set up

Help 50 people with the blog set up

Help 100 people with the blog set up


Start a Youtube Channel

Get 500 subscribers

Get 500 views

Get 1,000 subscribers

Get 1,000 views

Get 5,000 subscribers

Get 5,000 views

Get 10,000 subscribers

Get 10,000 views

Get 25,000 subscribers

Get 25,000 views

Get 50,000 subscribers

Get 50,000 views

Get 1,00,000 subscribers

Get 1,00,000 views

Get 5,00,000 subscribers

Get 5,00,000 views

Get 10,00,000 subscribers

Get 10,00,000 views

Social Media

Get 1000 followers on Instagram

Get 1000 followers on Twitter

Get 1000 page likes on Facebook

Get 1000 followers on Pinterest

Get 5000 followers on Instagram

Get 5000 followers on Twitter

Get 5000-page likes on Facebook

Get 5000 followers on Pinterest

Get 10000 followers on Instagram

Get 10000 followers on Twitter

Get 10000-page likes on Facebook

Get 10000 followers on Pinterest

Get 20000 followers on Instagram

Get 20000 followers on Twitter

Get 20000 followers on Facebook

Get 20000 followers on Pinterest

Get 30000 followers on Instagram

Get 30000 followers on Twitter

Get 30000 followers on Facebook

Get 30000 followers on Pinterest

Get 40000 followers on Instagram

Get 40000 followers on Twitter

Get 40000 followers on Facebook

Get 40000 followers on Pinterest

Get 50000 followers on Instagram

Get 50000 followers on Twitter

Get 50000 followers on Facebook

Get 50000 followers on Pinterest