Why mom life is similar to college life

I was in the first year of college when I gave birth to my daughter. My entire graduation course I was a student mom. I was never a weed smoking, Netflix and chilling kind of girl. But what I surprisingly found was that motherhood as a student mom was similar to the normal college life of any other girl.

Here is a list of things that I found similar between mom life and college life –

Just like a college student, I was still hoping to figure out motherhood and life in the next stage of life. Many of my friends were not to sure about what they wanted to do in life. While my goals were clear, I feel I was dealing with the same confusing not as a student but as a mom.

As a student, I was the first one to enter the classroom and wait for my classmates or professors to arrive. But my peers were generally late to college. I found myself struggling to be on time everytime I was going out as a mom. Be it doctor appointments or shopping.

Even after my college life ended 2 years back. I am still occassionally puked on. On somedays I am pooped on too. No one needs to get drunk or smoke the pot.

Ira is always high on enthusiasm without any drugs and I am always having a hangover without drinking.

Have you seen 13 reasons why? The series perfectly depicts how bitchy teenagers can be. Well, I found moms to be the same. Especially fellow mom blogger. Totally judgemental and bitchy.

Even today either I look like a homeless druggie or a diva. There is no in between for this mom.

Just like my friends, my child knows when I wash my hair or dress up it’s the day we are going out.

I fight with my best friend, well actually mini best friend over food, hairpins and pretty much everything.

Mummy still gives me advice and sometimes complaints about the way I live my life even today.

My house looks as shitty as my room when I was a teenager.

That’s it for now! Do let me know if you have similar thoughts. Would love to hear you!

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